Our manufacturing and distribution service offers you...

Manufacturing, assembling, sourcing, and supply of various products and components to customer specifications, samples and or drawings.

...by covering a range from:
Assembly Work
Laser Cutting
Second Operation Work
Automatic and CNC Turned Parts & Components manufactured to customer specifications, samples and drawings.

Including: Spacers, Pins, Bushes, Bolts, Nuts, Adaptors, Inserts, Reducers and much more.

Materials: Brass, Aluminium, Copper, Bronze, Steel, Nylon, Stainless Steel.

Quantities: Production runs according to customer needs 100's, 1000's, 10 000's
Battery Terminals - (Solid Brass)

• Off-set, Positive or Negative

    • Off-set, Positive or Negative (Zinc Plated)

    • Off-Set, Positive or Negative - Heavy Duty

    • Off-Set, Positive or Negative - Small Post

    • Marine Terminals - Natural - Complete with
      Wingnut M8 or with Hex Nut M8

    • Conversion / Ring Terminals
Battery Hold Downs - (as a set)

J - Bolts - (M6 and M8 with wingnut)

Steel Cable Lugs

Copper Cable Lugs - (50, 70, 95 and 120)

Crocodile Earth Handles - 600 AMP, 300 AMP, 150 AMP (For the welding Industry)

& More...
Manufacturing Services
offered by IMC Engineering
AUTO & CNC TURNING | Parting | Threading | Tapping
SECOND OPERATION WORK | Drilling | Tapping | Bending | Milling | Slotting | Assembly
PRODUCTION CAPACITY | Mass Production (1000’s) | Batch Production (100’s) | One Off - Prototypes
QUALITY | Micrometer Testing | Batch Testing | ISO 9001:2008
MATERIALS | Brass | Copper | Nylon | PVC | Stainless Steel | Steel
BATTERY TERMINALS | Distribution and assembly of Redman range of solid brass 
                                          battery terminals
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